Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Newest Creation... Click on Wreath for GREAT close up pic

My new creation is a OOAK Spring Wreath with an abundance of beautiful spring blooms. This piece reminds me of the flowers you see on a spring day at the farmers market. The flower cart is always packed with the most vibrant colors and wonderful waves of perfumed air. I have such Spring Fever. It is starting to warm up here in Connecticut. I can't wait to get to the different farmers markets in the small surrounding towns where I live. There is this one couple that grow their own strawberries and they taste like nothing I have ever tasted before, the most delicious, red, sweet, juicy berries. Not supermarket, over developed berries. I think really good produce is hard to find at just your typical supermarket. If I see a farm stand , I'm stopping :) Dont Forget:  March 14th Spring Ahead and change your clocks for 1 hour ahead.

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