Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why Silk Flowers?

Silk Flowers Versus Fresh:
Advantages, Reasons for Choosing

Silk flowers last...and last...and last. And they can be cleaned easily and quickly to look fresh as ever.

Weather conditions will not affect them. They don't need care or feeding, won't wilt, dry out, or die.

Mementos of special celebrations will endure for many years.

Many people need to accommodate special considerations, or simply enjoy the flexibility that artificial flowers offer, such as...

No worries about allergic reactions to scents and pollen. On the other hand, scent can be added if desired.

Faux flowers will not attract bees and other insects!

Availability and pricing are not ruled by the seasons, remembrance days or holidays. You can pretty much get what you want, in a wide variety of colors, whenever you wish, at reasonable and customary prices.

Most artificial flower stems and elements can be bent, twisted and shaped - kind of like floral sculpting - to create unusual and striking designs.

Silk and artificial elements can be RE-USED again if in good condition. Don't throw them away - recombine them and build a brand new flower arrangement!

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